About me

A graduate of mathematics working on security and exploitation in Ethiopia. Learning and writing about web application to become full stack engineer or to die trying. Being sick of fancy design, I am building problem solver application and participating on problem solving challenges and projects such as Icoglab, google challenge and project Euler.

7th rank on Project Euler

I always wanted to learn coding. I almost forget why I learn to code. I learnt some programming languages and take proud of my many code lines. I remember when I told every one I have 3 pages code by myself. I almost thought I code to code many pages. I am the least to get the answer in this project with many line of codes. That made me amautarish. That reminded me I have to code less, ideally none to solve the problem. simply simple. Efficient. My learning is to solve the problem - make something useful. This project reminded why I code. I have compiled here my improved code to solve the project Euler. My rank on Project Euler

Visit my answer for project Euler.

My Github usage ranked 13

While using github I ended up on commits.top site which ranks active users. I was on 13th.


Meet Mohammed Kassahun

Mail me: info@mohammedkn.com | amir.mame@gmail.com